The Financial Services Platform

The most modern and extensive Banking Platform






The flatex AG has built the most modern and extensive financial services platform to enable banks, FinTechs and corporates. This includes infrastructure, software, banking and services. By leveraging technology and banking we are able to offer the complete value chain for White-Label Banking Services and Business Process Outsourcing. Our modular design makes the perfect partner to build modern products and services of all kinds and complexity.

Modern Modular Tools for Digital Solutions


We belong to the pioneers of digital financial services technologies in Germany. That's why forward looking organisations choose our technologies and services.


Our technologies and services were built with modularity in mind. The SOA architecture offers maximum flexibility on the software side as well as on the banking side.


We offer the whole spectrum of financial services. We are able to build complete digital banks on top of that. Since we have developed the platform ourselves, we do not depend on 3rd parties to implement new requirements.

White-Label Banking

Our platform was built for White-Label Banking and Business Process Outsourcing. Software, hosting and banking services are fully adaptable to our customers requirements.

Transaction Processing

Infrastructure, software and services where fine-tuned and automated to offer the most advanced and efficient transaction processing in Europe.


All our services can be consumed via APIs. We offer a frictionless and fast developer experience to decrease time-to-market.