Clearing for Non-Clearing-Members

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Clearing is a post-trading process that safeguards completion of a given securities transaction. Clearing ensures that both the buy and the sell side of any agreed trade exchange the right amount of money and transact securities.

General Clearing Members

Since 2014, Bank flatex Bank AG has been granted the status of a General Clearing Member (GCM) at Eurex Clearing AG. Requirements to receive this status include but are not limited to capital thresholds of Eurex Clearing AG. Moreover, a GCM needs to service clearing and execution accounts as well as an appropriate back office. Bank flatex Bank AG is therefore entitled to handle its own business, the business of its customers as well as thirds parties without a clearing license (a.k.a Non-Clearing-Members, NCMs). We apply clearing to our own equities and securities business, but also offer clearing as a service to our b2b customers, such as agents and securities transaction banks.