Core Banking System

The most modern and extensive CBS on the market.

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Our Core Banking System (CBS) was build with the highest security, performance, modularity and scalability in mind and is the most modern and extensive of its kind. Through the modularity of the system we’re able to match any requirement. Retail banking, brokerage, Lending, FinTechs – the system adapts to our customers needs and is made possible through the use of APIs.

The origin of the system lies within the brokerage and securities processing and has therefore low-latency and real time woven in its architecture. This results in an excellent performance for customers and users and delivers on the promise to be a modern CBS for digital banking.

Security is the first priority and we therefore host the Core Banking System in our own and high-availability data centers in Germany. We deliver the whole value chain, software and infrastructure and can therefore guarantee top level banking security, data protection and availability.

Together with our fully licensed flatex Bank AG, we’re able to offer an umbrella banking license and business process outsourcing as a service. With the flexibility of our platform we’re able to adapt to the needs of banks, FinTechs and corporates and makes us the best partner for modern and digital banking services.